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MoMA x Complements

Wholesale opportunity

Complements are modular artisan chocolates that form unique combinations of flavour and colour. They are handmade in Australia, using French couverture, Australian grown nuts, fruits from the New Zealand alps, as well as the humble choc chip cookie.

Minimum order:
50 boxes


We welcome the opportunity for MoMA to be a stockist of our award winning Complements Chocolates

To request further information or to make an order, please fill in the form below.



$ 85 AUD


$ 50 AUD

Whats in each box +

Each box contains 12 individually flavoured chocolates. The flavours include black sesame, blackberry, cookies & cream, lavender, lychee & coconut, mango, matcha, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel, single origin dark and strawberry. Each chocolate weighs 8g (total of 100g).

Turnaround +

Turnaround is 3 weeks from paid invoice.

Shipping +

Shipping will be an additional cost and calculated based on the order submitted. A cost estimate can be provided upon request. The approved shipping cost will be added to the final invoice.

We use woolcool liners and ice pack to keep our chocolates cool during transportation. It is an environmentally conscious choice and the most effective way of keeping the temperature ambient during transport. We have extensively tested this packing solution internationally.

Expiry date +

Complements Chocolates are made from fresh ingredients, made to order. Therefore the expiration date is approx. 6 months from the time of order.

Storage +

The chocolates can be stored at room temperature (above 70 degree F) but we recommend storing undisplayed chocolates at a consistent temperature less than 70°F (ideally between 65 and 68°F).

Point of sale +

Each initial order will include a point-of-sale piece for display. It is not recommended that a box of chocolates be left open on display, as oxidation will result in the chocolates turning chalky.

Media Kit +

Our media kit is available, this includes a suite of imagery for use on social media, in store or for PR.

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Awards & accolades

No. 1 in UK Wired Loves Top 100
AGDA Awards 2018 Winner
Dezeen Awards 2018 Shortlist
Sydney Design Awards 2017 Winner
Best Awards 2017 Colour Winner
Best Awards 2017 Designed Objects Finalist
Frankie Good Stuff Awards 2017 Winner
AGDA Awards 2017 Finalist
Graphis Design Annual 2018 Merit
Gwangju Design Biennale 2017